Latest Art Fund Report on COVID Impact on Museums Now Out

The Art Fund recently carried out the third in its series of annual research into the impact of Covid-19 on museums. Founded in 1903, Art Fund is the national fundraising charity for art. They exist to help protect and enrich the UK’s museum and gallery collections and to ensure as many people as possible can access and enjoy them. Their director of programme and policy, Sarah Philp, shares her views on what the research tells us about the current situation in Spring 2022, and what Art Fund will be doing next.

Download the report from here.

The introduction to the reports reads: “In May 2020, when we published our first museums sector Covid-19 survey, we could not have imagined the impact the pandemic would have on all aspects of our personal and professional lives. It is only now, two years and three surveys later, that we are even beginning to understand the long-term effects and imagining a cultural landscape beyond the pandemic. In this context, Art Fund’s third Covid-19 survey suggests a direction of travel for the sector and gives grounds for optimism, but also strikes an important note of caution.”

Click here for more info and to read the full blog from Sarah Philp.

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