Industrial Heritage Networks (IHNs)


Download the Guidelines here!

One of the goals of the Industrial Heritage Support Officer (IHSO) Project is to create and develop support networks for preserved industrial heritage sites and organisations that support them across England. The Industrial Heritage Networks (IHNs) already help, and will further support the numerous sites and organisations in improving awareness and communications, broadening  skills and knowledge, working in partnerships and staying relevant.

The IHNs are regional umbrella organisations providing free ‘peer to peer’ support to industrial heritage sites and organisations. The IHNs’ members analyse each other’s experiences, good and bad, decide the best ways forward, discuss and brainstorm, deal with common issues and share best practice. The members communicate with each other by attending two meetings a year but also, and more importantly, by staying in touch throughout the year either virtually via the dedicated online platform (in development), or by meeting more regularly on a smaller scale.

To see all current members please visit the dedicated IHNs website:


The IHNs bring together like-minded professionals, staff and volunteers at all levels, who care about industrial heritage and its sustainability. Small, medium and big – a colliery, a mill, a ship or a canal – if it’s industrial heritage, get on board and join us!

To join your regional IHN all you need to do is contact the IHSO either by email, or telephone.

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