Industrial Heritage Support Officer
Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust


Tel: 01952 435 936

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  1. macwhatley says:

    Mr. Nevell- congratulations on assuming this task- at least I hope that’s in order. In the US, I’m afraid industrial history and archeology are in even more danger than in the UK. I have been involved the last 7 years in attempting to preserve the antique textile machinery collection of the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, Mass. The museum closed, and our organization in North Carolina managed to keep the collection out of the scrap yard, but trying to build an adequate support organization around it has been quite the uphill battle. I know that textile museums in the UK haven’t had it easy, either. We have been promised interest and support from the NC state museum “when this virus thing is over” but their thinking is using the state transportation museum as a model. That site gets 60% of its revenue from earned income- train rides and etc. Sadly, a textile museum won’t have Thomas the Tank engine and the Polar Express to push our revenues. Still trying to figure that out. I wish we had an organization and a network in this country like the one here… maybe someday you can expand across the Atlantic!
    Anyway, good luck, and I will try to keep abreast of your good works.
    Mac Whatley
    Franklinville, North Carolina

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