Meet the IHSO

Hello, I’m Joanna Turska, the Industrial Heritage Support Officer for England.

My original training is within tourism and hospitaliJT 02ty management. I have developed my career working for national organisations such as Visit Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland (NTS). I have developed strong professional skills within marketing, business development and customer service operations. During my time at the NTS, I was responsible for building relationships with potential clients, and maintaining the relationships with the existing partners including Visit Britain and the Historic Environment Scotland. I oversaw travel trade operations’ improvement projects, promoted the NTS heritage attractions at variety of trade events and worked extensively on the development of various marketing materials.  I also completed an MSc in Environment, Heritage and Policy at the University of Stirling which provided me with a strong background in heritage designation, interpretation and general management.

I provide support for industrial heritage sites and the organisations that run them, focusing on preserved, publicly accessible sites across England. This includes providing an advisory support service, both directly and via partnership working, developing and consolidating new partnerships, UK-wide links and best practice connections within and outside of the heritage sector including the development of the regional Industrial Heritage Networks (IHNs); developing collaborative regional and national funding bids and undertaking publicity and advocacy work through a range of forums and media.

I am truly passionate about heritage and our responsibility to take care of it sustainably. I always look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with the variety of heritage organisations and industrial heritage supporters in my varied and exciting role.

Please do get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you find the particular support or advice that you need.

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  1. Jill Reece says:

    please could you contact me as we are starting a museum of huge gigantic water pumps, fen pumps ,world war one generators etc collection is the biggest in the country and also I am writing a book about the collection called “In the Presence of Power” English Heritage gave me your name for advice help where to go etc jill reece 01986 875695 Suffolk Stephen the engineer has refurbished the collection and they will all be running

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