Museum Development East Midland Grants Deadline 1st April 2021

From 1st April 2021, MDEM (Museum Development East Midlands) will again be offering a suite of grants to support museums in the region. These grants are in three categories. Firstly, Small Grants up to £1500. Secondly, Collections Access Grants up to £1000. Thirdly, Museum Recovery Grants, with the maximum grant limit to be confirmed in March.

For details on how to apply follow the link here: Grants – Museum Development East Midlands (

Grants made in 2020 included several to East Midlands industrial heritage sites. A Small Grant was made to Royal Crown Derby who received £1500 towards purchasing  a digital screen enabling realisation of outreach project and for use in the gallery. There was also a Small Grant for the Foxton Canal Museum who received £900 to cover ‘ready to open costs’ including PPE and new signage. A Collections Access Grant of £400 allowed the Framework Knitters Museum in Ruddington to purchase new environmental monitoring equipment to improve collections care. The Erewash Museum also received a Collections Access Grant, of £1000, to help purchase archival storage materials and exhibition panels for their project to identify, scope, catalogue, and display the ephemera collection from the Stanton Ironworks.

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