Training: Historic England’s new online training resource for neglected listed buildings

Historic England has created a new online training resource to test your responses to a real life situation involving an historic building at risk from the impact of neglect, crime and anti-social behaviour.

logo‘Keeping historic buildings in good repair is the key to their preservation. Sometimes, however, they become redundant, vacant and neglected. Without timely action they can be at risk of permanent loss, both to their own historic fabric and to the setting and character of the localities of which they are irreplaceable components.

There are a number of provisions available to local planning authorities to deal with different situations and stages in the enforcement process. Some of these relate specifically to listed buildings, because of their individual importance, and others to the more general amenity value of an area. The powers escalate as the problem escalates’. Historic England

To access this advice, please navigate to the ‘Neglected Listed Building’ module found here.

Historic England are keen to make sure that they are creating the right resources to meet the sector’s needs so please let them know what you think of the module.