CIfA/DigVenture Survey on Engagement in Archaeological Projects

The Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) is working with DigVentures on a project to develop guidance presented as a CIfA Toolkit to support the promotion and delivery of public engagement in archaeological projects.

The primary target audience for this guidance is those who commission or deliver archaeology projects primarily driven by development-led activities. This includes Industrial Heritage museums and sites where such works are needed to be carried out.

CIfA and DigVentures have designed a short online survey as the first stage of the project to conduct a sector-wide consultation undertaken collaboratively with the CIfA team in order to understand the opportunities and challenges of implementing public engagement at the core of development-led archaeology. The final product will be developing a suite of guidance tools to support the promotion and delivery of community engagement in archaeology.

There are two surveys – one for commissioners and the other for practitioners.

If you are a commissioner for archaeological projects, including industrial heritage and archaeology museums and sites, please take this survey:

If you are a practitioner involved in the delivery of archaeological projects, please take this survey:

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