Charity Digital’s Advice on Exploring Social Media Alternatives to Twitter

Using several different social media platforms is a good way of building resilience into an industrial heritage site’s or group’s communication and publicity strategy – if you have the capacity. The troubles at Twitter in autumn 2022 have highlighted the risk of relying on just one social media platform to engaging with your audience, especially in an era of ever-changing web technology and software. Charity Digital has posted some advice on continuing to use Twitter and what to do about alternatives.

Firstly, Charity Digital advises that charities, trusts, and groups should be watching how their audience is behaving on their own twitter feed in response to any changes (ethical or otherwise) Twitter undertakes.

Secondly, Charity Digital suggests considering using alternative platforms such as Mastodon, CounterSocial, and LinkedIn amongst others. Each are slightly different in their approach and serve slightly different, but often overlapping, audiences.

The key advice from Charity Digital is to review how Twitter fits into a museum’s/site’s/group’s overall social media strategy. To read Charity Digital’s advice in full on social media platforms follow this link:

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