Edge Hill Engine Station Site, Liverpool, Scheduled

The Edge Hill Engine Station site in Liverpool has been granted scheduled monument status (August 2022) after a long campaign led by the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Trust.

The site was the original Liverpool terminus for steam locomotives on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway (L&MR) opened in 1830. Locomotives were detached from the trains from Manchester, with ropes then hauling passenger carriages up inclines to the Crown Street passenger terminus and lowering goods down to the docks at Wapping. The site is located in a deep cutting and the monument includes rock-cut chambers, the first 20m of three railway tunnels, and the archaeological remains of the engine houses and associated features for the Wapping and Crown Street inclines. Archaeological recording of this internationally important site began in the 1970s with work by the Merseyside Industrial Heritage Society and Liverpool Museums. In recent years the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Trust has been gathering information in order to protect the site as a scheduled monument.

The Liverpool and Manchester Railway Trust says that the scheduling of the site is only the beginning. The group will now start engaging with other bodies to secure the monument and hopefully gain better public access. As they note, the bicentenary of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway is just eight years away.

You can find the full schedule description by following this link:


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  1. FOWTB says:

    Excellent news, congratulations to all those concerned in getting this listing.

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