Re-imagining Industrial Heritage Pt 1: Ignite Yorkshire

Ignite Yorkshire is an NHLF Kick the Dust project all about how industrial heritage and young people connect. The project works with young people, ages 14 to 25, just starting to think about their career paths. It takes inspiration from the industrial past to develop skills for the future.

The project is exploring how we can make the connection between a sense of place and a sense of identity with young people who were born in this century, by looking at industrial heritage in Yorkshire. It looks at how can we can maintain a connection with the classic industrial heritage industries preserved since the 1960s, such as coal mining, steam railways, and textile factories, when the personal and family connections become dimmed. The project notes that relying on nostalgia is not likely to attract the 21st century generation, and ask the question what will? Engaging directly with a young audience, offering practical experiences from paid training opportunities to the co-creation of materials, provides useful strategies on how industrial heritage sites can continue to engage with young audiences.

For more about the project see the Ignite Yorkshire website or read about it on the NHLF website here:,7X2CC,IHZXMZ,WCP87,1

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