Canal & River Trust Completes Repairs Enabled by Heritage Stimulus Fund

The Canal & River Trust has completed the repairs enabled by the award of c.£1.6m through the Heritage Stimulus Fund, which forms part the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund. Administered by Historic England, the works covered 14 projects across the canal network and involved the replacement of lock gates, and lock and bridge repairs, including the Grand Union Canal, Worcester & Birmingham Canal, and Leeds & Liverpool Canal. 

As well as helping to ensure the canal network remained operational, the grant maintained a vital pipeline of heritage construction activity to support specialist professionals and craftspeople. This allowed the successful repair of a number of heritage assets, thereby securing their longevity, and involved heritage apprentices,. It also enhanced understanding and appreciation of waterways heritage and increased capacity for engaging audiences.

Naiomi Kempton, National Heritage Policy Advisor, Canal and River Trust commented that ‘The Trust welcomed the Government’s Cultural Recovery Fund in supporting the resilience of the heritage sector. The Heritage Stimulus Grant aid that the Trust received has helped to keep the network open and operational throughout the pandemic and beyond, supporting the Trust as we manage and care for the irreplaceable heritage of the historic waterways’.  

Lock No 89 during replacement, Leeds-Liverpool Canal (courtesy CRT)

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