AIA launches new Research Grant!

The Association for Industrial Archaeology (AIA) exists to promote the study, preservation and presentation of Britain’s industrial archaeology and heritage.

Now, to underpin the study aim of the Association, they have launched a new research grant scheme which will:

  • Encourage individual researchers to study industrial archaeology subjects
  • Encourage the development of industrial archaeology skills within commercial units, the main repository of professional skills in the subject
  • Support local industrial archaeology and industrial heritage societies in exploring and understanding their local areas
  • Help to develop the next generation of industrial archaeologists

The total fund available in any single year is £1,500 and multiple grants may be given up to this maximum in a single year. The AIA may consider part-funding a wider grant application or project as long as the AIA grant is a significant part of the larger application / project.

Full details and an application form are available here:

If you have any further questions please contact the grants coordinator:

You can find out about all the other grants and awards the AIA offer in the usual place on their website:

For any other queries about the Association please contact the secretary:

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