Training: Structuring Your Heritage Organisation for Fundraising, Manchester, 5 June 2017

giving-to-heritageThis one-day workshop Giving to Heritage Workshop is designed for those who wish to set up or grow a fundraising programme or project with their heritage organisation and appreciate the range of issues that need to be addressed to ensure success.

On completion of the workshop it is expected that delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the role of fundraising in the income mix and how to create a culture of fundraising in your organisation
  • Identify the range of fundraising mechanisms that can be used to generate income and select the ones appropriate for their organisation as well as understanding the various sources of private funds, ranging from grants from trusts and foundations to social investment.
  • Appreciate the key factors that need to be considered and addressed to maximise the chances of success including how to involve Trustees and other key Stakeholders in your fundraising activities
  • Understand the principle and structure of a fundraising strategy
  • Appreciate how to recruit the most appropriate fundraising personnel and what fundraising activities are suitable for volunteers

The workshop costs £20. For more information and to book your place click here


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