Training: Forging Ahead: Understanding the Iron Industry- AIA Practical Day-Ironbridge 8 April 2017

The focus of the next Association for Industrial Archaeology Practical Day will be the iron industry. This one-day workshop will look to provide introductory practical training and a broad understanding of the processes used and the buildings utilised in the historic iron industry.

imgp2718The day will begin with a short introductory talk at Coalbrookdale focussing on processes, structures and landscapes, which will be followed by a walking tour which will take in the Old Furnace at Coalbrookdale, Bedlam Furnaces, and Blists Hill Blast Furnaces, and relevant sites of interest in between, developing upon the points raised in the introduction and working towards the aims and outcomes of the day.

The workshop will be led by Richard Hayman, an archaeologist and historian who is an expert on the historic iron industry, with assistance from local and not so local AIA members. You can book your place here.

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